UDFA Update

For the sake of clarity (and my sanity), I’ll stick any updates here. A couple things to note to note about UDFA’s this year. First, there’s a strict limit of $75,000 in singing bonuses available for teams to pay out for the entire UDFA group – if you really like somebody, you can’t just blow him away with a big bonus. Second, I’m not going to get real worked up about who we got and who we didn’t get for a few reasons: a) I trust Dominik and Co.; b) this draft wasn’t the same caliber as last years’ (though clearly there are good players left); c) we don’t have as many opportunities for UDFA’s due to the huge haul of players; and d) like this anonymous executive in Don Bank’s article, I think that UDFA’s are going to have a difficult time sticking with teams and we’ll see a lot of churn. The limits on practice are going to effect the UDFA more than anyone else, as they’ll have fewer reps to make an impression. If we miss a guy now, it’s not likely permanent (LeGarrette Blount, anyone?).

Apparently the Coughlin kid that I was warming up to isn’t going to be a Buc anymore, according to NEPatriotsdDraft.com. UPDATE: And he’s back! (probably just a typo before). We’ve apparently added Oklahoma Sooner RB/KR Mossis Madu to the roster.

UPDATE 2: Madu seems to be a bit of a hybrid player. He returned kicks, played in the slot, and also was a running back.

According to NFL DraftBible we’ve also signed smallish Notre Dame running back Armando Allen and Texas A&M center Matt Allen. Armando Allen projects as a shifty change of pace guy. He’s apparently one of those more quick than fast types. He had trouble staying healthy in South Bend. Matt Allen needs to get into a pro weight room if the vitals (6′-3″, 281 lbs.) are correct.

UPDATE 3: NFL Draft Insider tweets that Louisville LB Brandon Heath is a Buc.

UPDATE 4: BucsCentral’s Roland Johnson reports that the Bucs’ signed Oklahoma OT Cory Brandon. Brandon apparently was an Outland Trophy candidate (one of 63 preseason candidates) before landing in Bob Stoops’ dog-house and the third-team last year. Also, with Andrew Economos recovering from an achilles tear, it’s nice that we’ve gone out and grabbed a long-snapper. Christian Yount snapped for 4 years at UCLA, and according to longsnap.com (that’s a real website) – he’s one of the best.

UPDATE 5. Kicker Josh Jasper (LSU) is with the Bucs, according to NEPatriotsDraft.com.

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