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- Doug Williams takes the Grambling State HC job, but not before taking a swipe at the Bucs (please don’t curse us this team). He says the following about Josh Freeman and the front office:

“I laugh, when I hear them talk about Josh Freeman,” Williams said. “I know they wanted Mark Sanchez. I sat right there while they were talking about trading up and getting Sanchez and all these different scenarios. Raheem was the strongest guy in there (pushing for Freeman). I remember the owners asking me which quarterback I liked. I said, ‘If you want someone to play right now, take Sanchez. But I think over the long haul, Josh is going to be better,’ and I think he’s proven that. Raheem had the strongest conviction because he had been around the kid (at Kansas State).”

Number one, does it surprise anybody that we had an interest in Mark Sanchez? Number two, I’m not sure I get the “told you so” implication of this story. It seems to me that Raheem should be saying I told you so, not Williams. But hey, bitterness isn’t logical perhaps. Oh yeah, he’s not a big fan of Mark Dominik.

- Don’t expect the Bucs to rush out to honor Doug Williams.

- Gerald McCoy is lobbying for the Bucs to draft fellow Sooner Quinton Carver (S).

- Raheem Morris sits down with Ray’s manager Joe Madden and Lightning boss Guy Boucher to discuss coaching. The series runs through Saturday and is available here.

- The Bucs get ready for the NFL combine, and Stephen Holder has the details in a short video. Holder points out that Dominik and the organizations central belief is that player evaluations “begin and end with film.” For the Bucs, most of the action will be off the field in player interviews and discussions with agents.

- Self-professed Buc fan D’Qwell Jackson (Largo, FL native) has been linked with the Bucs since he left Maryland for the NFL in 2006. Now he’s a free agent, and he’s the type of bigger, more physical linebacker we claim to be looking for. He also fits the low-risk, low-reward type of guy the Bucs have been comfortable signing in recent years. Apparently, he’s recovering nicely from a torn pec injury.

- The Panthers only have a few more days to decide whom to tag: Ryan Kalil, Charles Johnson, or DeAngelo Williams.

- The Atlanta-Journal Constitution’s first mock has the Falcons taking the “U” DE Allen Bailey with the 27th pick overall. The Bucs get Cameron Hayward, (DE, Ohio State).

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